How To Brew And Sell Beer

The most important success factors of a brewery ...

... are to brew a high standard beer and to sell this product successfully on the market. Therefore, the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences initiated an intensive brewing course that does not only teach the basics of brewing, but also how you can develop innovative products and market them in a sustainable and profit-oriented way.

This compact, multidisciplinary brewing course will show you how to survive on the highly competitive and oversaturated beer market.  In addition to  the practice of brewing, you will learn about all necessary business and food law aspects to support successful product positioning in the marketplace. The focus of this course is not on theoretical knowledge, but rather on the practical work, that means real case scenarios from the brewing practice will be used to calculate and demonstrate.

Craft brewers in particular have to be very innovative. Due to this, a further emphasis of this course is the development and production of innovations. Firstly, basic knowledge of other beverages, like  coffee, tea, whisky and rum, will be taught, to experience the diversity of these products. This helps you to be more creative and to get new ideas for novel beer mix beverages.

We set the highest priority in a practical approach! Therefore, you will be solely trained by experienced professionals from the brewing industry.

Our course is split in four topics. In response to many requests, it is also possible to book individual topics according to your personal needs.

We hope to have raised your interest and are looking forward to welcoming you in Köthen!

Prof. Dr. Jörg Bagdahn
President of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences

Prof. Dr. Jean Titze
Course Co-ordinator and Lecturer