How To Brew And Sell Beer

The multidisciplinary brewing course for craft brewers from 15.-26.03.2021


  • I. Brewing technology
    • History of brewing
    • Technology of malting
    • Technology of wort production
    • Fermentation, maturation and filtration
    • Filling technology
    • Pasteurization of the beer
    • Brewing plant engineering
    • Cleaning and disinfection
  • II. Economics & Law
    • Marketing/product management
    • Cost accounting, calculation
    • Finance planning (investor negotiations aspects), determination of the break-even point
    • Investment calculations
    • Sales (restaurants and pubs, retail trade, beverage shops)
    • Purity law, food law – food labeling
  • III. Quality assurance / inspection
    • Raw materials (water, malt, hop, yeast)
    • Brewing analyses
    • Microbiological methods
    • Dispensing of beer
    • Sensory – Does my product taste good?
  • IV. Innovation
    • Innovative beer mixtures of the cross-category »Mixomania Beermix«
    • Use of functional malt extracts
    • Production of gluten-free beer
    • Sensorial training of other beverages, like coffee, tea, whisky and others